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The website SPK Estates is an internet web-based platform for the real estate category which features information about the projects and infrastructures that were undertaken/currently undertaking by SPK Estates, Bangalore. The aim of the website is to provide the necessary information about our company and its work along with addressing the queries of the visitors. The website is owned by SPK Estates, No.19, KK Road, 2nd Cross, T.Dasaraahalli, Bengaluru - 560057.

The use of this website is subject to the acknowledgment and acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions(T&Cs). Any user should read the T&Cs before proceeding further to use any kinds of products and services. The service is only available to those individuals, organizations, or firms who accept the legally binding contracts as per the Indian laws and code of conduct. Some of the important T&Cs are updated without prior notice to the users, so it is their duty to carefully read and understand every single line of T&Cs before they use our products and services.

Important definitions:

User -A 'user' is any person who accesses the information through the website SPK Estates for whatever purpose.

Registered user-A 'registered user' is any person who has registered on SPK Estates for some specific purposes and enjoy the benefits of that service.

Un-authorized user -Any user who accesses the service without valid legal or contractual rights either knowingly or unknowingly.

Free services - Free services are the services that are offered by SPK Estates and is/are free to use up to a certain extent.

Paid services - Access to the site and certain features are provided to all users free of charge, however certain areas or features are limited for free use to the users, and the owner of the site reserve the right to restrict it without prior notice. In order to avail of the paid services, users should undergo a specific registration process and the paid services are governed by additional T&Cs.

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